Knockerball Run is located in the Westmoreland Mall in Greensburg PA. We are on the lower level of the JC Penney's wing.
We offer open play, birthday parties, team building, and events for just about any occasion. We also have a new location at Monroeville Mall located on the lower level by Dicks Sporting Goods. We currently only offer open play and group rates but we are not offering parties at this location but hope to be able to offer them soon.

What Is Knockerball?

Knockerball bubble soccer is sweeping the nation as the newest game everyone is talking about. Players get inside an inflatable Knockerball which acts like a human hamster ball to safely cover their head and upper body and then the fun begins. Knockerball Bubble Balls come in 4 sizes so everyone from children to adults can enjoy the fun.
How do you play bubble soccer? Easy, rules are just like regular soccer, get some friends, pick teams and under the supervision of a licensed Affiliate, you see who can score the most goals!
Knockerball is great for all occasions and easier to set up than any bounce house. Inflation takes less than 1 minute and can be played anywhere there is some flat grass or indoor space. You can find people playing Knockerball and bubble soccer at Birthday parties, corporate events, local festivals or just because they want to have some fun.
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